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Unique hand made accessories, gifts


original designs & artist's hand work will improve your style, everyday attitude and will remind how special you are.

LATINGE all accessories, wearable art are hand made by the artist 

Lina Egle Urbonaite

E-shop will be soon opened. In mean time please visit e-shop in lithuanian

If you’ve been reading my blog, you might have a slight idea of how I adore unique pieces. So here’s another one…

A shop called Lina Art Gifts offers very artistically-made items such as scarves, wraps, cowls, and neck warmers. You might be thinking, “Hey, these are just some common stuff” - no, babe. These stuff are absolutely one-of-a-kind and are exquisitely hand-made.


Available in the shop are silk scarves, hand-knitted ponchos, and felted wool accessories. All skillfully and artistically designed - elegant and fashionable and hey, perfect for the current cold season, too!

{Silk scarves different hand-painted designs}

These scarves are 100% made of silk. And the designs? Exclusively hand-painted by the artist. Even though I haven’t even yet touched these luxurious silk scarves, it can be imagined through the photos how perfectly smooth and silky they are. I really adore the designs - very elegant, very intricate. Batik artwork is the technique usually used for designing the pieces. And FYI, silk painting is not an easy thing to do. It is actually a long process which requires a lot of patience, time, and creativity. To learn more about the silk painting process, visit this page.

{Silk scarf up-close}

“Hand painted silk is a magnificent fabric, when the design is done well and the colors applied correctly by the artist.” 

Look at the design of this one! Lovely.

{Hand felted wool scarves and wraps}

Aside from silk, wool scarves and wraps are also available in Lina Art Gifts. These are all made from natural sheep wool and had all undergone a meticulous process of felting. To know more what felt is and how felting is done, visit this page. These hand-felted pieces look like fur but are very lightweight and soft, perfect for winter! They have bold designs that can add up a little fierce vibe to your outfit. Have I mentioned that these are two-in-one scarves/wraps? Both sides have different designs, making it reversible. It’s like getting two scarves in just one piece.

{Merino felted scarf}

{Nuno felted scarf}

Lina Art Gifts is owned by an artist originated from Lithuania named Lina U. Lina is the one who designs all of the items available in her shop.

“The world is full of everything, but the most wonderful thing what we are able to give to others is Love. The creation is a tool for me to do that - spread the love.” - Lina U, owner and creator of Lina Art Gifts

Each piece ranges from $60 to $100. You may find the items a bit pricey, but they are worth buying and are good investments for your closet. Each piece is made up of best quality materials - with love, passion, utmost patience, and professional skills - all completely handmade. Each piece is strikingly beautiful and unique - no design will be duplicated - it will feel like it was especially made for you.

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Written by "Fashion insider"

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