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Unique hand made accessories, gifts


original designs & artist's hand work will improve your style, everyday attitude and will remind how special you are.

LATINGE all accessories, wearable art are hand made by the artist 

Lina Egle Urbonaite

E-shop will be soon opened. In mean time please visit e-shop in lithuanian

All of the items are original created by the artist-designer Lina Egle Urbonaite. All designs are copyrighted ©.

LATINGE e-shop try to provide you with accurate photographs; however, the actual product may look slightly different from its online representation. Please view multiple pictures of each item to give you a better idea of its craftsmanship.


Products edition terms

All LATINGE accessories are created by the artist-designer L. E. Urbonaite. All accessories are hand made, no prints or mass production. 

One of a kind artwork

The same design will be created max 20 peaces 

Limited edition hand made artwork

The same design will be created max 100 peaces

Hand made artwork The design edition is not limited, but because of the 100% hand work and technique specific, every pease will be unique in some way.



How to buy at LATINGE e-shop:

1. Please pick items you like and put them to cart.

2. Go to cart page and fill all nessesary information (shipping address, notes/wishes-optional)

3. In cart page you will see the shipping rates - after you will fill section "Where to ship" the system will calculate it.

4. For international orders we accept Paypal payment.

5. After you will click on "Confirm order" the system automaticly will redirect you to paypal , where you will be able to make a payment.

6. After we will receive a payment the order will confirmed and will be shipped to receiver according ordered items status (please check it in items description to see how long it will take to ship the order) 


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