Paintings for interior

Lina is a self-taught creator and offers a wide range of handmade functional, wearable art pieces as well as wall art for the interiors.
She works with different mediums and in different techniques - silk painting, hand-made wool felt, paintings on canvas, 3d art.

Lina is an intuitive spiritual artist. "I love to dig deep, to ask questions about how life is created, what is the meaning under any situations, how to transform that and get desirable outcomes as I do believe that all that is, have the cause and the code for understanding it. To find the way to decode all mysteries all we need to do is to allow the changes to occur in ourselves. As I do inner work I become more open to hear, feel, see and understand the underlying truths. I create art with the intention to activate individuals' inner powers. Each piece will tell different stories for each of you and will guide you. The essence of the trick is to listen, trust and act according to your inner direction. We are all different and equally unique, which is why the stories will be so different for everyone. "


Original art pieces and high-quality Giclee prints on canvas are available in different sizes.


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